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When: March 21-23, 2018

Pre-Registration, March 20, 2018 6:30pm


Where: Lake Natoma Inn

702 Gold Lake Drive

Folsom, California 95630

POST IV Number: 25402800117003
Times are changing faster than ever before, and as school administrators, law enforcement officers, and mental health professionals, we have to adapt to these shifts in society to protect our most precious asset, our kids. The dynamics of an active killer event or a violent critical incident have evolved, and so must our strategies and training to respond to such events. This is crucial! We owe it to our children, to invest our time in learning and understanding this threat and other threats to their safety.
Ohio Active Shooter Debrief, Hillsdale High School Bomb Attempt Debrief, Legal Update, Drug Update, and more.

• View and analyze successes and shortcomings through active killer / violent critical incident case studies • Learn the latest recommended response techniques to such events • Collaborate with the various agencies and organizations tasked with keeping our children safe in schools to see and understand their protocols and practices • Learn the latest trends in drugs, changes to the law, mental health, and other aspects of student safety.
CSJOA Conference 2018